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Zinc Plated Steel Self Tapping Screws

Our Self Tapping Screw range is listed below. Self Tapping Screws are designed to be screwed into soft materials such as plastic, wood or sheet materials such as 1mm thick steel, so really only for lighter duties. Measured in Imperial Gauge sizes No.2 to No.14 of various lengths. Thread forming/cutting within the receiving material ensuring a strong tightly fitted thread. Used alot where assembly and removal can be frequent, such as air conditioning units. A full range of drive types are on offer. For more testing materials and applications please see our listings for Evolution Fasteners.
Fastener Material Key
A2 Stainless Steel - Also known as grade 304 or 18/8. A general purpose grade of stainless steel.
A4 Stainless Steel - Also known as grade 316 or 18/8/3. A higher corrosion resistant, marine grade of stainless steel.
Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) Steel - Non-stainless standard steel grade offering a basic level of corrosion resistance.


Plastic (Grey Nylon Polyamide) - A tough lightweight plastic, tough at low temperaures, with excellent resistance to chemicals and features a favourable sliding friction behaviour.


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